Cosplay Noir

The Place: PAX East, BCEC, Boston

Date: April 12th, 2014

Thirty four cosplayers joined me in the North West lobby of the BCEC during PAX East to create portraits of their characters. These portraits cast them in a hard light, with a gritty feel. We used the simple features of the BCEC, tables, chairs, pillars windows, and walls to limit the context of each shot, to bring the focus straight to the cosplayer and their character. It was a truly great and inspirational 8 hours for me. As I complete each portrait I will post it below, so make sure you check back.

The E-Book:

We certainly did this to make art, but we also did this to do some good. Each portrait along with some information from the cosplayer has been put into a photography e-book. This book is available below as Pay What You Want with all of the money going straight to the Child's Play Charity PayPal account. I could not find a good solution for this, so it is on the honor system for the time being. If you are going to download the e-book, please make a donation of any amount to help sick kids. You can enter it right below.